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Zen Green CBD However, an independent review of the data published later in the same journal, suggested that the changes were probably the result of socioeconomic differences and not because of cannabis use, the potential confounding variables were not taken into account in the analysis. . More recently, the results of a 2015 study in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence reported that the effects of teenagers' persistent cannabis use on academic performance “became insignificant after controlling for persistent alcohol and drug use. tobacco." A study to be published in the next issue of the Journal of Alzheimer Disease, has found that cannabis oil is a safe and effective treatment option for Alzheimer's disease, which affects more than 47.5 million people in the world. . According to the researchers, the objective of the study was; "To measure the efficacy and safety of medicinal cannabis oil that contains THC as a complement to pharmacotherapy, in relieving behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia." Study participants saw a "significant reduction" of: "Illusions, agitation / aggressiveness, irritability, apathy, and the caregiver's sleep and anguish." The study concludes that; "Adding medicinal cannabis oil to the pharmacotherapy of patients with Alzheimer's disease is safe and a promising treatment option." New clinical study indicates that cannabidiol (CBD) could reduce the frequency of seizures and have an adequate safety profile in children and young adults with highly resistant treatment epilepsy. This is the result of an open study conducted with 214 patients between January 15, 2014 and January in several US centers. (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Winston Salem, Columbia).